Mrs. Meyers Redesign

Below is the product I am looking to redesign. I feel it is currently a little too wordy. There are also too many fonts and font variations. My mother has this very same product in one of her bathrooms and I feel like the bathroom would look a lot nicer if this product looked nicer.

This product targets homemakers and moms who want a good smelling product that works well but that is not filled with chemicals.

Here is my first sketch with a few notes on the side.

This is my first vector attempt. My final plan was to have the label be clear on a clear plastic soap dispenser with a black pump.

I later decided to use the same bottle but just fix up the label. In order to get the actual dimensions of every thing, I had to take the label of of the original bottle and use a measuring tape.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, Hand Soap, Product Redesign.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, Hand Soap, Product Redesign.

Here is my full vectorized version!

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, Hand Soap, Product Redesign.

Color Scheme:

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, Hand Soap, Product Redesign, color scheme

I later had to make a few changes to correct some alignment and kearning issues thanks to some critique I received. I also got rid of the white circle by the recycle rabbit. Here it is.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, Hand Soap, Product Redesign.

Below is a side-by-side of the before and after.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, Hand Soap, Product Redesign.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, Hand Soap, Product Redesign.

This product succeeds in being less wordy. This is great because homemakers and moms usually want their homes to look nice and this hand soap definitely adds instead of subtracts to the aesthetics of a home.

My favorite part about this whole project was the bar code! See why here!

Here is my pitch for the product’s new look:




USA Olympic Medals by the Numbers

For this project, I was to create an infographic with one stylized chart or graph, three vector graphics, and an attractive non-white background that added to the effectiveness of the infographic. It had to be between 550 px and 700 px wide so as to be more compatible with Pinterest.

My infographic is on the Olympics. Specifically, Olympic Medals won by the USA.

I began by doing some research and taking lots of notes.

Here is my first sketches. I was trying to figure out what kind of layout I wanted to do.

Then, I began to run some numbers trying to come up with the appropriate data.

More data, this time in digital form.

This is my second layout attempt.

Eventually I added more content than you see above thanks to some critique.

Then, I began sketching some icons.

I wanted to have an American flag in the background so I took this photo.

Here my first attempt. I used Adobe Illustrator to create the infographic below.

After lots and lots of critique, I came up with the final product that you see below. It was suggested to me to get rid of the flag in the background and to add more white space. It was also suggested that I change the color scheme and add a metal texture since this regards medals. After more feedback, I also added a drop shadow and section headings. I also fixed the logo at the bottom so that it would match the color scheme.

You can also find this infographic on my infographic Pinterest board.

Sources: I got all of the information and data from

Portfolio Photo Book

This is the final draft of my photo book. This photo book is a compilation of photos I have taken this semester. There are portraits, landscapes, and macros as well as some other creative ones.

A lot of the pictures are from a class excursion to Bannack Ghost Town in Montana. A lot of them were also taken on a family outing to Swan Valley, Idaho. There are a few others scattered here and there from various photoshoots.

All the photos in this book (other than the photo taken of myself) were taken by me. I also created the layout for the book using Adobe Indesign.

Click here for the Photo Book PDF

Photo Contest

I recently entered the photo contest at the Photographer’s Forum on December 2. I chose this contest because the prize is cash and I could totally use more money as my husband and I prepare for him to go to graduate school.

The picture of the fly fishing hooks was taken with a macro filter. The picture of the waterfall was taken at Fall Creek Falls near Swan Valley, Idaho. The picture of the cowboy was taken at Bannack Ghost Town in Montana.

Blog post by Loren Yarrington, Macro Photography, Macro, fly fishing, fly fishing hooks, fly tying, fishing, tie your own fly

blog post by Loren Yarrington, Fall Creek Falls Idaho, Swan Valley Idaho, Swan Valley, Fall Creek Falls

Bannack, Bannack Ghost Town, Cowboy, Montana, cowboy hat

Bannack: Themed Series: Old Buildings

Blog post by Loren Yarrington, Bannack Ghost Town, Bannack, Ghost Town, School House, Chapel, Old Chapel, Hotel, Old Hotel, Old Courthouse, Courthouse, Barn, Old Barn, Outhouse, Old Outhouse, wood textures, wood, textures, jail, old jail, blue sky, no clouds

It was fun to take these pictures and test out my camera’s bracketing function for the first time! I enjoyed capturing the foreground, middle ground, and background all at the correct exposures and then merging them together in Adobe Lightroom.

I wanted typography that went with my theme of “old buildings.” With the titles, I chose a typography that was easy to read that also had more of a “western” feel. I wanted the body copy to be simple and easy to read so that it would not distract from the picture or the message.

Title Font: Dust Wind

Body Font: Avenir


I had a lot of fun with these. I did some spot removal to remove the blemishes from my husband’s (pictured with our baby girl) face.

The next two pictures were done using the color replacement brush in Photoshop. The first one is the original (blueish gray shirt).

blog post by Loren Yarrington, blue shirt, baby sits, color replacement, photoshop

Post edits with color replacement brush:

blog post by Loren Yarrington, red shirt, baby sits, color replacement, photoshop

Pictured below are some family friends with the father copying his daughter. I did make some color corrections to all of the photos on this post.

Below are some environmental portraits taken of some mechanical engineers in action. Pictured in blue is Clyde Riboldi and in green, Cody Greener.

Bannack: Fine Art

After some critique, I was able to select from among my best shots taken at Bannack for my fine art shots. All of these (except the rusty wheel) were bracketed shots that I merged using the Adobe Lightroom “photo merge” feature. After merging them I was able to bring up the shadows and fix the white balance as well as a few other things.

Bannack Fine Art Photos by Loren Yarrington

Bannack: Creative

Below are some creative shots I took at Bannack. The first one is a levitation shot. You can see the thumbnails of the original photos below the finished product. I used Photoshop to mask out the bench she is sitting on to make it look like she is sitting in midair.


Levitation, Bannack, blog post by Loren Yarrington, miner, mining, COMM 300, bench

Bannack Levitation Photos by Loren Yarrington Bannack Levitation Photos by Loren Yarrington

The second creative shot is a conceptual one. This means it is meant to tell a story.


Bannack Conceptual Portrait by Loren Yarrington

My ghost shot was done using a tripod and a low shutter speed.


Bannack Ghost Photo by Loren Yarrington

This last one is an abstract macro picture of some peeling wallpaper.


Bannack Abstract Photo by Loren Yarrington