Portfolio Photo Book

This is the final draft of my photo book. This photo book is a compilation of photos I have taken this semester. There are portraits, landscapes, and macros as well as some other creative ones.

A lot of the pictures are from a class excursion to Bannack Ghost Town in Montana. A lot of them were also taken on a family outing to Swan Valley, Idaho. There are a few others scattered here and there from various photoshoots.

All the photos in this book (other than the photo taken of myself) were taken by me. I also created the layout for the book using Adobe Indesign.

Click here for the Photo Book PDF


Photo Contest

I recently entered the photo contest at the Photographer’s Forum on December 2. I chose this contest because the prize is cash and I could totally use more money as my husband and I prepare for him to go to graduate school.

The picture of the fly fishing hooks was taken with a macro filter. The picture of the waterfall was taken at Fall Creek Falls near Swan Valley, Idaho. The picture of the cowboy was taken at Bannack Ghost Town in Montana.

Blog post by Loren Yarrington, Macro Photography, Macro, fly fishing, fly fishing hooks, fly tying, fishing, tie your own fly

blog post by Loren Yarrington, Fall Creek Falls Idaho, Swan Valley Idaho, Swan Valley, Fall Creek Falls

Bannack, Bannack Ghost Town, Cowboy, Montana, cowboy hat


I had a lot of fun with these. I did some spot removal to remove the blemishes from my husband’s (pictured with our baby girl) face.

The next two pictures were done using the color replacement brush in Photoshop. The first one is the original (blueish gray shirt).

blog post by Loren Yarrington, blue shirt, baby sits, color replacement, photoshop

Post edits with color replacement brush:

blog post by Loren Yarrington, red shirt, baby sits, color replacement, photoshop

Pictured below are some family friends with the father copying his daughter. I did make some color corrections to all of the photos on this post.

Below are some environmental portraits taken of some mechanical engineers in action. Pictured in blue is Clyde Riboldi and in green, Cody Greener.

Bannack: Fine Art

After some critique, I was able to select from among my best shots taken at Bannack for my fine art shots. All of these (except the rusty wheel) were bracketed shots that I merged using the Adobe Lightroom “photo merge” feature. After merging them I was able to bring up the shadows and fix the white balance as well as a few other things.

Bannack Fine Art Photos by Loren Yarrington

Bannack: Creative

Below are some creative shots I took at Bannack. The first one is a levitation shot. You can see the thumbnails of the original photos below the finished product. I used Photoshop to mask out the bench she is sitting on to make it look like she is sitting in midair.


Levitation, Bannack, blog post by Loren Yarrington, miner, mining, COMM 300, bench

Bannack Levitation Photos by Loren Yarrington Bannack Levitation Photos by Loren Yarrington

The second creative shot is a conceptual one. This means it is meant to tell a story.


Bannack Conceptual Portrait by Loren Yarrington

My ghost shot was done using a tripod and a low shutter speed.


Bannack Ghost Photo by Loren Yarrington

This last one is an abstract macro picture of some peeling wallpaper.


Bannack Abstract Photo by Loren Yarrington

People of Bannack

The first three pictures were taken using Apollo Orb lighting:

This picture was taken using an XL Rogue Flashbender:

These two were taken using an Einstein Strobe light with the help of an Octabox:

Bannack Portraits by Loren Yarrington

I think the bottom one was taken using a Westcott spiderlite TD6 with also a fair amount of natural light:

Bannack Portraits by Loren Yarrington

Landscape Perspective

These are some pictures I took of a lone tree in the middle of a field on the way up to Palisades, ID. I took pictures from several different angles to capture many different perspectives of the tree.

I placed the car in the background of the below picture to humanize the tree and show scale.

This next picture was done using a roots texture. I brought the photo of the lone tree I took into Photoshop as well as another picture I found on textures.com. I first put the picture of the tree roots on top of my picture and changed it’s opacity. I then used the overlay blending mode and a mask to get rid of the parts of the roots texture I didn’t want.

Blog post by Loren Yarrington, texture, lone tree, field, autumn, landscape photography, landscape perspective

Here is the roots texture I used:

Shallow Depth, Deep Depth

Shallow Depth of field is when a small area of the picture is in focus and the rest is blurred.

Sage Brush, 10/03/17, 4:48PM, f/5.0, 1/200, ISO 100, Canon Rebel T6i

Sprinkler Wheel, 10/03/17, 4:48PM, f/5.6, 1/500, ISO 100, Canon Rebel T6i

Deep Depth of field is when most of the picture is in focus.

Harvested, 10/03/17, 4:48PM, f/5.6, 1/400, ISO 100

Trees, 10/03/17, 4:48PM, f/5.6, 1/400, ISO 100


Blurred Motion:

I set up the tripod. I used a slow shutter speed and while the shutter was open, I zoomed out. There were cars traveling down the road next to the sign. Hence, the traffic trails off to the side.

Marriott Hotel, Spring Hill Suites, Zoom photography, night photography

Marriott Zoom

9/25/17, 8:05:26 PM, Marriott Hotel, Rexburg, ID

f/22, 1.6, ISO 200, Canon Rebel T6i, Tripod

I set up the tripod and used a slow shutter speed to capture the blurred motion of the swings you see below.

swings, blurred motion photography


09/26/17, 5:18pm, Rexburg, ID

f/25, 1.8, ISO 100, Canon Rebel T6i, Tripod

Freeze Motion

I have always been fascinated by water photography so that is what inspired this photo. I handheld the camera this time as the shutter speed was fast enough. Changed the colors to  gray scale in the editing process.

freeze motion photography, faucet, water photography, fast shutter speed

Drip Drop

09/26/17, 9:56am, Rexburg, ID

f/5.6, 1/200, ISO 200, Canon Rebel T6i

I had some friends model for the below picture. I just can’t get enough of her smile!

Handheld again with a fast shutter speed.


Before picture, electrical wires, freeze motion photography, fast shutter speed

Daddy’s Girl

09/26/17, 4:46pm, Rexburg, ID

f/5.6, 1/500, ISO 200, Canon Rebel T6i


freeze motion photography, fast shutter speed

I decided to show the before and after picture because this was my first time editing out something as big as power lines. Up to this point I have only done small spot removal (zits, etc).

Thanks to the Fisher’s for their help with a few of these photos!

Stephanie and Derek

I had so much fun creating this video of the Gines wedding. Filming this was a last minute decision (as in literally a few minutes before the first clip) so all I had with me was my iPhone 6. Things seem to have worked out pretty well all things considered. Congratulations Stephanie and Derek! Credit also goes to Kiley Allen for the first clip!